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Min2liz 02-28-2017 03:40

mm_basedir and sm_basepath issue

First of all sorry for my bad English :)

Main issue, I can't load metamod and sourcemod.

I'm trying run 2 seperate servers from the same csgo instaliation, but it's look that I'm too big noob to do this, so maybe someone can help me with this.

What I'm doing and what I have:

I have 1 CS:GO instaliation

I have 2 seperated metamod:source directories (mm_public and mm_jail) boths directories look like:


In these directories I have (just say in mm_public):

2 directories:
metamod and sourcemod
and 1 file: metamod.vdf

metamod.vdf file content:


"file" "addons/mm_public/metamod/bin/server"
in metamod directory have 1 file and 1 directory:

Dir: bin
File: sourcemod.vdf

sourcemod.vdf file content:

"Metamod Plugin"
"alias" "public"
"file" "addons/mm_public/sourcemod/bin/sourcemod_mm"

It's look everything ok, but Metamod and Sourcemod is not loaded.

I tried add cvars in [ROOT]/cfg/public-server.cfg file (this file really working and other cvars changing):

mm_basedir "addons/mm_public/metamod"
sm_basepath "addons/mm_public/sourcemod"

Also tried to add these cvars as command line options:

./srcds_run -game csgo +mm_basedir addons/mm_public/metamod +sm_basepath addons/mm_public/sourcemod

Nothing happend, server running, but then I trying in console: meta get answer:


Unknown command "meta"
How I understand, metamod was not loaded. Same with command sm

Can anyone help me with this. I'm stuck for 2 days now :)

Fyren 02-28-2017 06:07

Re: mm_basedir and sm_basepath issue
The server will not find your metamod.vdf files that are in addons/mm_public/ and addons/mm_jail/; it only looks in addons/. I guess you'll have to run plugin_load to manually load MM:S yourself.

Also, you have to set mm_basedir and sm_basepath on the command line and not in a config, but they're not related to actually loading MM:S or SM themselves.

asherkin 02-28-2017 17:22

Re: mm_basedir and sm_basepath issue
The idea is that you have one metamod install with bin, then two other directories under addons that contain your differing copies of sourcemod and their respective VDF files - then point MM:S at these with mm_basedir. You only need to do this if you want different core binaries for each SourceMod, else you can just deal with sm_basepath. No matter what you do, you shouldn't be editing any of the VDF files.

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