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Hawkins 09-13-2021 23:45

L4D2 Tank Death Removal when Burning?
A tank dies after 30 seconds of burning. Is there a plugin to deactivate this?

Marttt 09-14-2021 00:14

Re: Tank Death Removal when Burning?
List of L4D Cvars

PHP Code:

tank_burn_duration_expert                40       : , "sv""cheat"  Number of seconds a burning Tank takes to die
tank_burn_duration_hard                  35       : , "sv""cheat"  Number of seconds a burning Tank takes to die
tank_burn_duration_normal                30       : , "sv""cheat"  Number of seconds a burning Tank takes to die
tank_burn_duration_vs                    30       : , "sv""cheat"  Number of seconds a burning Tank takes to die 

Try setting:
  • 0
  • -1
  • or a high value

Hawkins 09-14-2021 00:33

Re: Tank Death Removal when Burning?
It says "[SM] Unable to find cvar: tank_burn_duration_vs"

Psyk0tik 09-14-2021 02:04

Re: L4D2 Tank Death Removal when Burning?
Those are the L4D1 cvars. The L4D2 cvars are slightly different.
PHP Code:

tank_burn_duration                       75       : , "sv""cheat"  Number of seconds a burning Tank takes to die in easynormalversus and survival
85       : , "sv""cheat"  Number of seconds a burning Tank takes to die in expert
80       : , "sv""cheat"  Number of seconds a burning Tank takes to die in hard 

Silvers 09-15-2021 18:13

Re: L4D2 Tank Death Removal when Burning?
Or you could use the plugin I released Special Infected Burn Duration so they only burn for X seconds before being extinguished.

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