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Hoto Cocoa 02-26-2020 08:53

[Subplugin] Another Respawn Ticket
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With the help from junhe and WhiteFalcon. Here's a new respawn ticket plugin which will not make the boss max health too high to defeat and a smart way to reward your donators. When a player use a respawn ticket boss will restore the damage they dealt. If player has dealt 0 damage boss will gain 7% rage charge.
It shows a menu when player died. Player can use their respawn ticket anytime after death.
You might want to use override.
sm_spawn - use a respawn ticket.

respawn_playersleft - When the number of players alive is less than this, players are not allowed to respawn, 0 to disable.
respawn_toomuchdamage - 1 - Don't allow player to respawn when their damage reach the ragedamage. 0 - Disable.

Put the .smx to sourcemod/plugins
There's no need to rename it to .ff2

1.0 - Initial release
1.1 - Delete some include files and fix a formatting error.
1.2 - Fix a health bug when respawning after dying as a minion.
1.2.1 - Fix a bug that player can use the respawn ticket even if their ticket is false.

Hoto Cocoa 12-27-2020 08:34

Re: [Subplugin] Another Respawn Ticket
1.2 - Fix a health bug when respawning after dying as a minion.

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