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jesusemilio 01-01-2021 02:30

┐how to install sourceban?
I need to install source ban, can it be done in wix?
Since this of the servers has become serious and I already require the sourceban and if it is not possible with wix, can you give me cheap solutions?

jesusemilio 01-01-2021 06:21

Re: ┐how to install sourceban?
nope :/

Skyrym 01-01-2021 14:16

Re: ┐how to install sourceban?
From what I know you can't do it from wix.

I suggest using Apache, or XAMPP which has Apache, MySQL and other things built into it.

You can look up some guides on how to use XAMPP and whatnot.

jesusemilio 01-01-2021 15:28

Re: ┐how to install sourceban?

TomL. 01-01-2021 21:54

Re: ┐how to install sourceban?
I can add it to your fast download server just message me on steam.

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