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Silencer123 07-18-2006 08:00

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Version 2.0 by Silencer

Thanks to:
Goshik, Shurik3n, VEN and xXAvalancheXx.

Known Bugs:

- Amount of AR Grenades in Menu is always 0, as this Amount
  can't be read with the current AMXModX Versions Functions.
  Be careful so you do not waste your Money for AR Grenades,
  although you already have 10.
 - If you use countdown_abort there is still a set_task counting.
  Only use this Command if it is very neccessary, otherwise another
  Countdown will count down with double Speed, until the abortet
  Countdowns Timelimit is up. If anyone knows how to abort a
  running set_task function please let me know.

Plugins Functions:
Admins can set Price of Ammo and set/add/reduce Money of every single Player.
Everyone can use the Buy Ammo Menu to Buy Ammo with the Money set by an Admin.
Players can also have an Amount of Money after connecting, set with a Command.
The Admin needs Access Flag P.
Admin can also set Amount of Healthkits a Player starts with.
Everyone can use his Healthkits with a Command.
Amount of Healthkits will be reset on Respawn.
Healthkit Usage has a setable Decay Time.
The usual Functions are included. (Godmode, Noclip, Give Weapons and Items, Set Health/Armor)

Commands for Clients/Normal Players:
buyammo - Open Menu to buy Ammo by paying virtual Money (Or say /buyammo in Chat instead)
usehealthkit - Get a Healthkit from your Backpack (Or say /usehealthkit in Chat instead)
money_read Playername - See how much Money a Player has
sc_plugin_info - Prints this help to console
Additional Commands for Admins with Flag P:
buyammo_status 1/0 - Set Buy Ammo Menus Status - 1 is ON - 0 is OFF.
buyammo_toggle - Toggle the Buy Ammo Menu ON/OFF - Everyone will be notified.
countdown_special Amount Command Description - Countdown for doing a Command.
countdown_abort - Abort Countdown.
money_set Playername Amount - Set Players Money.
money_add Playername Amount - Raise Players Money.
money_destroy Playername Amount - Reduce Players Money.
price_357rounds Amount - Set Price for six Rounds for the 357.
price_buckshots Amount - Set Price for twelve Buckshotss for the Shotgun.
price_riflerounds Amount - Set Price for five Bullets for the Sniper Rifle.
price_arrows Amount - Set Price for five Arrows for the Crossbow.
price_cells Amount - Set Price for 20 Energy Cells for the Gauss and Egon.
price_rockets Amount - Set Price for two RPG Rockets for the RPG Launcher.
price_argrenades Amount - Set Price for two AR Grenades for the 9mm AR.
price_9mmammo Amount - Set Price for 17 Bullets for 9mm Weapons.
price_chainammo Amount - Set Price for 100 Rounds for the Minigun.
healthkit_amount Amount - Set Amount of Healthkits in Players Backpacks on Spawn.
healthkit_decaytime Amount - Set Decay Time for Healthkit Usage in Seconds.
give_item - Replace 'item' with a Weapons/Items Name to spawn it.
set_god Playername - Toggle Players God Mode On or Off.
set_noclip Playername - Toggle Players Noclip Mode On or Off.
set_health Playername Value - Set Players Health.
set_armor Playername Value - Set Players Armor.

Coming up next Version ( 2.0 ):

Players can place Turrets

Version History:

Version 2.0: Engine module no longer required.
Version 1.9: Fixed Bug with Money for Frags
Version 1.8: Money for Frags (Sadly this is calculated very simple)
Version 1.7: Countdown does not lag anymore. Money is being saved (Finally)
Version 1.6: Countdown Commands and some minor Bug Fixes.
Version 1.5: All Commands are much shorter now. Added "is_user_alive" checking.
            Some Messages are now shorter.
Version 1.4: Added the usual Functions. (Godmode, Noclip, Give Weapons and Items, Set Health/Armor)
            Healthkit Usage Decay Time is now changeable. Note that if it is smaller than 0.1
            it will be set to 0, as set_task has 0.1 Seconds as Minimum.
            Fixed some Stuff.
Version 1.3: Added 3 Seconds Decay Time for Healthkit Usage.
            Made faked Columns with Spaces, as Columns do not work in Sven Coop.
            Added Admin Access checking for Toggling Buy Ammo Menu On or Off.
Version 1.2: Added Sound Precaches to fix Crash
            on Maps that have no "item_healthkit" inside.
            Fixed a Bug with adding and destroying Money.
Version 1.1: Added Precache "models/w_medkit.mdl"
            to fix Game Crash when trying to get Healthkit.
Version 1.0: Initial Release.

Suggestions are welcome!

Kensai 07-18-2006 15:40

What is SC mean?

k007 07-18-2006 16:00

cool plugin +karma
and one request just on a new round print the client commands in chat

Silencer123 07-18-2006 17:34

Oh shit...
I am... omg...
Do not use the 1.2 Version!
I totally forgot Admin Access check for the toggling it on/off!
I found that out today when someone started turning it on off on off on off
Ill fix that!

SC is not a writing error and it does not mean counter strike, it means Sven Cooperative
Thanks for compliment and karma.
phew... i hope that was the only hardcore bug. sorry! Please get new Version!

Shurik3n 07-18-2006 18:51

Oh cool, so thats what you were making :D. It looks nice, I'll try it out later.

Skyrider 07-19-2006 11:24

This plugin works fine, except the part i don't get any money at all when i kill monsters, how come? At least, i think you gain money by killing monsters. Or is this just admin set only?

Silencer123 07-19-2006 13:46

You just get money from Admins so far
But as you say this...
why not add a cvar amx_sc_buyammo_money_getfromkills <1|0>?
and if it is set to 1 u get money by killing monsters...
i try to build this! that will make me learn some new stuff.
how do i get info if a player has killed a monster? what monster? monster health?
(who else shot it? - For monsters with lots of health(bosses))

Skyrider 07-19-2006 16:56

Perhaps there should be 2 ways to gain money.

1), Giving you money upon join of the server. You get xxxx of money, and you have to do with it the rest of the mission / map.

2), Gaining money as you said already by killing monsters. Perhaps it should be done by the damage you do on the monsters. So if you and your friend gives damage to monsters, you should both share the money, but depending who gets most money by depending who did most damage.

Caesar 07-19-2006 21:41

i know kensai thinking same thing - starcraft? lol

Skyrider 07-20-2006 02:26

So, is it possible to do? I hope it could be made a.s.a.p.

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