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Hawk552 09-10-2007 12:47

New Cleanup Policy
I've seen too many people posting in a 2 year old thread stating that said plugin is broken.

From now on, check that each of the following criteria are met:
  1. It's broken (doesn't work on the latest version of AMXX) or has major bugs, at the discretion of a plugin approver. -OR- It's redundant; a newer plugin has made it useless by incorporating features it had or removing need for them.
  2. It's old (author hasn't been online for 3+ months).
  3. It's in the approved section.
If they are, then try to fix it yourself (assuming it's broken). If you can't (i.e. you're not a scripter) then just go right to PMing a plugin approver (preferably me, since the others probably don't want the spam) and saying it's old and broken. If you can fix it and believe you can also support it, PM a plugin approver and say that you're taking it over.

  • You don't need the author's permission (since they're inactive). However, if they come back, they have full rights over it and can take over your update if they want to.
Hopefully this will reduce the amount of broken and old plugins that are currently approved.

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