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Arrow768 02-27-2013 14:35

Forum Integration
I have finished the first forum integration for the store plugin.

You can find the plugin in my github repo.
If you have mybb, you should know how to install a plugin in mybb.
This plugin works only if you have created a steamid field and your users have filled this field out.
Dont forget to adjust the settings according to your setup.

Please post only the forum you would like to use, if you want to have a forum integration that is not on the vote.
Free and OpenSource forum systems will be preferred, because I donīt own one of the paid systems.

melaf 02-27-2013 15:45

Re: (MyBB) Forum Integration
vBulletion :up:

bobthebuilder 02-27-2013 15:55

Re: (MyBB) Forum Integration
yeah, GO for vbulletin!

Arrow768 02-27-2013 16:00

Re: (MyBB) Forum Integration

Originally Posted by melaf (Post 1903203)
vBulletion :up:

Just noticed the spelling mistake too, but I don't know how to edit the vote :wink:

vodka00 02-27-2013 17:24

Re: (MyBB) Forum Integration
1. Somewhat, I have no problem editing the code itself.
2. Custom profile fields are saved in mybb_userfields.
3. For new forums posts, new forum threads and on increase in referral number.
4.Ability to choose yourself, if not then static.

hasta 02-27-2013 17:40

Re: (MyBB) Forum Integration

serpentine 02-27-2013 17:46

Re: (MyBB) Forum Integration
XenForo <3

ocwoody 02-27-2013 22:04

Re: (MyBB) Forum Integration
SMF :)

Morell 02-28-2013 03:17

Re: (MyBB) Forum Integration

zloykif 02-28-2013 03:27

Re: (MyBB) Forum Integration

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