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BaFeR 02-08-2021 00:01

Gangs (Gangs/Guildings/Clans) - is a plugin that allows players to create their own internal "group of interests" on the server, invite the rest of the players to it and further develop in all sorts of ways.

Supported games: CS:GO (Can be for CSS, but need testers)

Essential Plugins:
Main Functions:
  1. Function of gang prolongation. When buying a gang, it is purchased for 30 days. You can extend it if there are 7 or less days left till the end of the gang. Gangs are automatically deleted if the deadline has expired.
    The cost of extension is calculated by the formula (Dana in Main Config).
  2. Custom groups
    You can create your own groups with any name and customize flags for each group.
  3. Bank. All gang members can put !shop credits, wcs hunger or rubles from the site (GameCMS) in the bank. And users with a role that has the right flag can take currency from the bank, as well as see the logs of operations of the members.
  4. Full support for GameCMS engine
    Ability to add rubles to the bank from the site.
    Reading personal and global site discounts.
    Sending notifications to the Player and Owner of the site (configuration via config) about the purchase, gang renewal.
  5. Modular plug-in system
  6. Leadership transfer. The founder of the gang directly in the game can pass the gang to any member.
  7. Maybe something else.


I apologize for my English, but I will try <3

Feedback and other suggestions would be welcome.

BaFeR 02-08-2021 00:06

Re: Gangs
I apologize for posting in the wrong section (I noticed only after publication). Can you please change the section or delete the topic, thank you.

asherkin 02-08-2021 10:50

Re: Gangs
We can't move threads between the plugins sections. I've gone ahead and "unapproved" it, so please repost in the correct section!

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