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Natsheh 01-10-2021 07:07

Re: Development Roundup, We need you!

Originally Posted by fysiks (Post 2732035)
Why do you think that? Do you have an example of code that is broken because of this? Also, wouldn't that remove CSW_P228 and CSW_G3SG1 through CSW_VESTHELM? Note that it is defined the same way in the cstrike module.

Additionally, if you can show it's actually a bug, you should create an issue on GitHub if you believe there is a bug.

because first bit ( 1 << 0 ) is a none weapon ( not used )

#define CSW_NONE 0

also lets not consider the VESTHELM of being a weapon.

CSW_ALL_WEAPONS should be more correct holding this value 0x7FFFFFFE = which is 0111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1110 in bits

excluding the CSW_VEST, CSW_VESTHELM and excluding THE CSW_NONE which is 0


fysiks 01-10-2021 21:18

Re: Development Roundup, We need you!
Last night (this morning) I was tired and turns out I was thinking about thing 1 shift off. Therefore, I was wrong about the CSW_P228 part.

Also, "1<<CSW_VESTHELM" is not really valid because it tries to set the 33rd bit but there are only 32 bits in a cell in AMX Mod X. Therefore, 1<<CSW_VESTHELM is 0 and doesn't do anything for this bitsum. So, your original correction was wrong but this latest version is correct.


Originally Posted by Natsheh (Post 2732041)

I'm currently struggling with understanding why these bit sums are defined at all, I don't see where they would be useful. In fact, I think they are misleading and should probably be removed entirely. If someone was to need something like this, they should use a switch.

Regardless, this discussion should be occurring in a GitHub issue, not here. Please create an issue on GitHub.

Healthmart Vn 05-08-2021 04:57

Re: Development Roundup, We need you!

Originally Posted by Arkshine (Post 2614531)
You have tools for the INI, SMC and lately JSON formats. I'm pretty sure you can do things with one of them.

nelsolis 09-09-2021 00:48

Re: Development Roundup, We need you!
Great discovery anyway.

Ayushwati 11-11-2021 08:38

Re: Development Roundup, We need you!
What about the JSON module? You can parse, create/modify or traverse a JSON input. For basic key-value, the format is similar. you should be able to do the same as KeyValues, give a try?

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