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kinsprite2 06-04-2006 11:44

Admin Speed v1.1 ( set user max speed )
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/* AMX Mod X Script */

  Admin Speed v1.1  -=- by KinSprite , 06/08, 2006
  With this plugin , the admin can set Players's running speed.
            amx_allowspeed <1 or 0>    // 0, turn off speed changing.
            amx_speedall <1 or 0>      // 1, all players at the same running speed, except special players
            amx_speedallvalue <Integer: percent of normal speed>
                                      //all players's running speed value, except special players
            amx_speed <#userid,nick,authorid,@ALL,@TEAM> [ON/OFF] [Integer: percent of normal speed]
            // to Set special players' speed.
  [Required Module]:  Fun

  [Change Log]:
            1, fix speed when a sniper rifle is zoomed in/out or a shield is opened/closed
            2, all players can run at the same percent of normal speed, except special players

#include <amxmodx> #include <amxmisc> #include <fun> #define PLUGIN "Admin Speed" #define VERSION "1.1" #define AUTHOR "KinSprite" new g_WpnUsed[33] new bool:g_hasSpeed[33] new g_Speed[33] new g_allowspeed new g_speedall new g_speedallvalue public plugin_init() {     register_plugin(PLUGIN, VERSION, AUTHOR)     register_concmd("amx_speed", "cmdspeed", ADMIN_LEVEL_A, "<#userid,nick,authorid,@ALL,@TEAM> [ON/OFF] [Integer: percent of normal speed] - Set special players' speed")     register_event("CurWeapon","Change_Wpn","be","1=1")     register_event("HideWeapon", "Change_WpnState", "b")     register_logevent("new_round",2,"0=World triggered","1=Round_Start")     g_allowspeed = register_cvar("amx_allowspeed","1")     g_speedall = register_cvar("amx_speedall","0")     g_speedallvalue = register_cvar("amx_speedallvalue","100") }

SweatyBanana 06-04-2006 11:49

you do not have to post the source code in the first post.

Smokey485 06-04-2006 13:32

Did he even post the sma? I dont see a full code there ,just plugin_init

SweatyBanana 06-04-2006 13:32

Yea u have to refresh.

Kensai 06-04-2006 14:44

Wow I made a plugin that did exactly this, except is wasn't a percent of their speed.

Lol gj anyways.

SubStream 06-30-2006 22:16

Re: Admin Speed v1.1 ( set user max speed )
I've never seen one that allows a "variation" of speeds like this.. I've seen speed hack plugins but I don't think they had these options.. Nice work!

cre8or 06-04-2007 20:50

Re: Admin Speed v1.1 ( set user max speed )
Thanx i was looking for exactly this, and all others was not working as i wanted.

krtica 04-30-2008 17:54

Re: Admin Speed v1.1 ( set user max speed )
i have problem....
when i type: amx_speed @all ON and then % of speed i just can't move anymore and when i type amx_speedvalue 10000 and then amx_speed @all OFF i can move faster but when i change weapon it back to normal speed.can someone help me?

deadman909 08-19-2009 16:43

Re: Admin Speed v1.1 ( set user max speed )
Can Someone Make it so Theres No Need to Switch Guns for Speed to Take Affect

alencore 10-23-2013 10:11

Re: Admin Speed v1.1 ( set user max speed )
This is just perfect..full control of each players or bots speed...NICE!!!

Here's a vid with some very fast bots on my server hehe...

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