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AdRiAnIlloO 11-18-2016 20:50

[HL2DM] Invisible weapons bug
How to reproduce/trigger the bug:

1. Run and join a dedicated server (bug doesn't happen on listenserver)

2. Think of any weapon you spawned with, or give yourself another one you want (command "give weapon_???" with sv_cheats 1)

3. Spawn that same weapon (with ent_create weapon_???) the number of times you want. It will be invisible no matter what. (Shadow still works)

Workarounds to fix visibility at this point: reconnect (since rendering first that spawned weapon which is not owned yet will perm fix the visibility on also further ent_creations), or type mat_reloadallmaterials, or even record a demo, it will fix the invisibility too... Strange bug as you can see.

Steps not to see the bug happening from the beggining (opposite to the previous steps):

1. Run and join the dedicated server.

2. Think of a weapon you are not carrying yet.

3. Spawn it with ent_create the number of times you want. It will always be visible no matter what.

Logic? I hope this is an old bug someone has already solved. Searched a lot already. Thanks.

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