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finishlast 07-26-2019 04:25

[L4D] Rotoblin2 Fix for "Teams are tied"
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first of all let me state that I'm running rotoblin2 .

I'm using rotoblin2 1.4 but my "problem" seems to happen in the other versions too and I saw it on other server too that stated to run r2compmod.

Unfortunatelly disawar1 discontinued his work on rotoblin2 in 2015 so I don't think that someone is going to fix the project as a whole.

For my needs it runs good enough except for one thing, there is a randomly appearing "Teams are tied" score screen that overlays the screen midgame.

It stays there for 5 seconds and then disappears. This happens to all players, so at least it is a fair bug...

(see attachment)

The question is if it is possible to write a fix for this, instead of fixing roto2, which is not going to happen.

The screen always states a teamscore of 0 - 0 and it is not happening in every round, it is randomly appearing midgame.

So I thought it might be possible to surpress the score window on round start and reenable it on round end with a "fix" plugin.

Any ideas if this is possible to do and how to enable and disable the window?

I disabled plugins that came with roto2 like l4dscores l4dready and evertything but the problem remains, so I think it is somewhere in roto2 itself.

Don't know if this post should be here or under scripting, since I would be willing to try to do it myself, I just need an idea for disabling the score screen and enabling it.


finishlast 08-26-2019 13:36

Re: [L4D] Rotoblin2 Fix for "Teams are tied"
OK, sorry for bumping this but I have some more Info from the logs.

When the "Teams are tied" appears I have the following in the logs.

L 08/26/2019 - 18:42:23: World triggered "L4D_Scenario_Restart" (Infected "0") (Survivor "0")
L 08/26/2019 - 18:42:23: Team "Infected" scored "0" with "3" players
L 08/26/2019 - 18:42:23: Team "Survivor" scored "0" with "4" players
L 08/26/2019 - 18:42:23: World triggered "Round_End"

Is it possible to surpress this event, when the game is still ongoing?

The Round_End isn't actually happening only the "loading screen" for next map and the message is displayed for 5 seconds.

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