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RoseTheFox 05-06-2021 23:18

[TF2] Requesting Sourcepawn Developers
Hey, my name is RoseTheFox (a.k.a Bud on steam) and I work and manage a network called BWSR's Castle. We are currently looking for one or two Sourcepawn developers to help edit some of our current plugins and a work-around with Custom Admin Menu's and Permission Sets.

We will obviously pay you in either real money (transferred via PayPal) or TF2 Items, we aren't 100% sure on everything that needs edited but we work on a pay for work done type of basis, we aren't a big enough community to pay hourly or anything like that. I have a group of staff that are all very nice and understanding, and we want to create a Team Fortress 2 network with very well-coded plugins and safety and such.

We are looking for at-least one more Sourcepawn Developer/Coder and one Quality Assurance Developer (or someone who can like assure proper code in a source-pawn plugin for later ease of access) I'll respond and look at the forum thread here when I have time, but I'm more responsive on discord: Rose#0069

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