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v3x 02-18-2006 16:28

Oh damn, this is nice.

pendragon 02-18-2006 21:48


Originally Posted by v3x
Oh damn, this is nice.

Funny, you brought it back from the dead (this thread) but it gave me a chance to allow to reply to JGHG cause i never did....

Yes! :D Its mostly for when I help out with new plugins so I can just refer them to a page with any messages sent by the hl engine when i test out their plugins.

But that was 2 years ago - I'm over it :twisted:

VEN 02-20-2006 12:14

This plugin is very useful (always wanted to said that).

DS 04-23-2006 06:57

After over a year, I have finally updated this plugin. Although it may not have needed much of anything...

Only a few things you might notice without looking at the source:
I have added a new cvar for controlling whether the message info gets logs to the standard AMXX log file or to a separate file (messages.log). By default it is set for a separate file. (Personally I think it is better this way as what goes on in the server really should be separate from information you are trying to get for developing your plugin.)

Also, the formatting of the logged text has changed quite a bit, but all the same information is still there.

Edit: Version 1.11 has now been released which fixes a rather stupid bug that cropped up in 1.10 where string arguments were logged as numbers. Thanks to BAILOPAN for finding it.

diamond-optic 05-11-2006 21:13

not a big deal...

but i noticed when i got the 1.11 off the CVS that the version numbers in the code werent updated from 1.10... then i checked here and saw that they are also 1.10 in the code...

like i said, nothing major.. just thought i'd let ya know :)

DS 05-12-2006 00:04

Heh, wow, can't believe I forgot about that. Thanks for letting me know. It's now been updated in both places now. (I didn't think anyone ever had looked at that CVS repository, heh)

diamond-optic 05-12-2006 11:43

lol i check thru the amxx cvs almost daily lol.. im a loser & get extremely bored lol... especially now since the dodplugins cvs doesnt seem to load in my browser lol (tho it still seems i can still commit updates to my plugins on it....)

SS. Kommando 05-19-2006 17:25

A simple question: will this make the server more stable?

noob cannon lol 05-19-2006 17:26

no- it's a tool for developers

DS 07-04-2006 16:51

Re: Message Logging
A new minior version (1.15) has been released. It no longer relies on the Engine module thanks to some natives that were moved into the AMXX core. For those that do not like Engine, that may be good news. It does however require Fakemeta now.

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