View Full Version : New TF2 server, what plugins do I need?

PpZ | Iconoclast
02-01-2009, 04:16
Hey guys...I just bought a TF2 server and I'm wondering what plugins you would recommend me installing so that it runs fairly standard like most other TF2 servers?

I used to run a CS1.6 server so I have experience with how to install plugins and such, I'm just unfamiliar with any common TF2 plugins.

If someone could suggest (and give me links to) fairly common/standard TF2 plugins used throughout most servers I'd really appreciate it...and feel free to include any additional plugins that you might think would be a good idea as well! Thanks!

02-01-2009, 23:01

Easy way to see what the most installed plugins are. Advertisements, HLStats, Spray Tracer, Sourcebans, etc. Plugins arent something we can really decide for you, just read up on them and decide which ones you want to put on your server.

02-02-2009, 00:37
plugins that i use and recommend:

addtime plugin (addtime.smx)
fake death spy plugin
custom votes is very useful
also, we use bonus round respawn, its always fun and works great, check if you want this or not though, also theres pre game mayhem which is like this too
connect announce (cannouce.smx) -very good plugin
meleemode.smx is good if you want it
.. also sudden death melee plugin (sdmr.smx)
quick messages is very useful for admins as well,
of course theres radio, soucebans, spray tracer, etc. that crimson mentioned

my recommendation: just go through the 15 pages or so of approved sourcemod plugins and pick out the ones that you like!

PpZ | Iconoclast
02-02-2009, 04:58
I was a bit confused between SourceMod/MetaMod, but I seem to have installed both on my server...I added my Steam account to the admin list, but when I try to use the "sm_admin" command it says it's not recognized....any ideas? Have I installed something wrong? How come it won't let me access admin commands, or what do I need to do?

02-02-2009, 12:47
you have to use your steam id, if you aren't sure what it is, you can type status in counsle to get the id. it typically looks like this: steam_0:0:1923123

make sure you restart your server or reload admins and re-join the server for it to work.

also, metamod it like a window so to speak for sourcemod and other apps. it makes all of the hooks and stuff on the srcds servers regulated properly and keeps everything managed, and then sourcemod is a thing that uses metamod to accomplish all of the tasks. you want to always use sourcemod and leave metamod alone unless if you have any metamod plugins

PpZ | Iconoclast
02-02-2009, 16:38
Well, like I said, I already added my SteamID to the admins.cfg file, which should allow me to access admin commands.

However, I'm unsure how to access and use admin commands.

For example, back when I ran a CS1.6 server, I had a key bound to "amxmodmenu" which brought up a basic admin menu with a number of different things I could do...is there something like this I can use to admin my TF2 server?

Also, when installing plugins, I've copied all the .smx files into the /plugins directory...however, similarly to my old CS1.6 server, I also had to add the name of the plugin to the plugins.txt list file...is this the same for a TF2 server? If so, what file do I need to add the plugin name lines to?

Thanks! :)

02-02-2009, 23:16
3 ways to open up admin:

counsle: sm_admin
chat public: !admin
chat private: /admin

btw, you gotta use admins_simple.ini for configuration, have a look: http://wiki.alliedmods.net/Adding_Admins_(SourceMod)

also, you dont need to add the plugins to any list. sourcemod automatically detects and runs plugins. you can use "sm plugins list" in counsle to list all of the admins and so forth (sm plugins will give you a list of commands you can do)
p.s. the plugin manager plugin is very useful for loading/unloading/reloading plugins on the fly!