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03-18-2007, 20:51
Hey , i have been rp for 2 years and i love the tsrp mod it really cool but after 2 years and after u have start ur own server it boring ! Now im playing in naruto rp and i had try to start my naruto rp but no one want to give me the plugina and they say it really rare ! I tryied to find it on google , Alliedmoddler but it true it rare ... And now i wanna create my own rp a kind of tsrp and naruto rp , it called POKEMON RP I have found a cs mod of pokemon and too i find it cool ! U will say it for baby ... if u find it i dont care i just need help to start it :) And im really noob to script ^^ lol so if someone can send me link for coding ... and all the stuff it should be cool ! It should be like naruto rp , school , not ninja but like arena and all i wanna take a nrp map for now and after i will create my map !

Thx u for awnsering !!