View Full Version : getting an error

01-12-2006, 14:54
imn running a linux server ive updated source metamod 1.2 installed the latest version of cssdm but get a error when doing a meta refresh can someone help i miss cssdm lol

01-12-2006, 16:59
You need to give more information. Did you try using meta refresh?

01-12-2006, 17:50
yes i did a meta refresh im using a v1.0.0.25 linux dedicated server have mani zh installed with the updated metamod 1.2 and .82 cssdm when i do a meta refresh then a meta list i get this
21:41:44 -Id- Name Version Author Status
[01] - - - ERROR

01-12-2006, 18:58
I meant meta retry 1, sorry

01-12-2006, 19:13
i did a meta load and got this
23:10:35 meta load cssdm
23:10:36 Failed to load plugin cssdm (File not found: /home/server01/cssource/cstrike/cssdm_i486.so).

01-12-2006, 20:17
lol, can you read??
File not found: /home/server01/cssource/cstrike/cssdm_i486.so
read the install docs! and write the correct metaplugin.ini

01-12-2006, 20:24
i read fine and i added this to the metaplugin.ini

01-12-2006, 21:22
You did not install this correctly. Please re-read the docs and place the files where they should be. This should be pretty obvious since you wrote down one path while it was somewhere completely different.