View Full Version : Server is crashing. :( <3

12-19-2005, 05:47

I am totally loving this mod... thanks to the developers for creating something so nice.

I am having some problems though.

I have a 16-slot nuclearfallout ping accelerated 100tick interNAP in LA.

Everyonce and a while my servers crashes, keeping it from staying full 24/7 :/, thats my ultimate goal. I told NFo about this, and they say 90% of the time its the mod that makes your server crash. So, here i am... I am running mani mod with it, so if this conflicts with it cssdm then is there a way to have them together?

what else could be making my server crash?

any input is a blessing, thanks :)

<3 cssdm

12-19-2005, 15:45
Im not sure, I do know its not mani admin plugin. It could be your server isnt fast enough for the amount of people all going at once all the time every day.

12-19-2005, 17:19
ummm ok