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.ArtOfWar - Amplified
12-17-2005, 19:35
Version: v1.0.0.24 (Linux, Dedicated)
Mods: MetaMod v1.1.2
cssdm_version: 0.76

Crashes when T kills CT on 1on1

If CT kills T it auto restarts and works fine but if the T kills CT the CT respawns without a round restart and the server crashes.

any ideas? :/

.ArtOfWar - Amplified
12-19-2005, 11:08
Right.. .help anyone?

12-19-2005, 11:53
yar, i am getting this problem to.
I am running Server 2003, small bussines edition.
With ManiAdmin along with the latest copy of CS:DM (to the date of this post).
It is a out of the box install and when you kill a T the game crashes and generates a R6025 "pure virtual call function" error.

The config file for the CS:DM is this

;CS:S DM Configuration File
; Default settings by BAILOPAN

;There is absolutely no need to edit this!
cssdm_version = 0.75

;Menu flags:
; p - primary
; s - secondary
; a - armor
; g - grenade
; b - buy

;Autoitem flags:
; a - armor
; h - helmet
; g - grenades

;Grenade flags:
; f - flashbang
; h - he grenade
; s - smoke grenade

;Spawn flags:
; 0 - no random spawning
; 1 - preset spawning

menus = ps
spawnmode = 1
autoitems = ahg
grenades = fh
;Spawn protection time (in seconds)
protection = 2
protcolor_red = 0
protcolor_green = 255
protcolor_blue = 0
protcolor_alpha = 20
;This will prevent players from having a bomb
remove_bombs = 1
;This will remove bomb/hostage zones and block rounds
remove_objectives = 1

;Format for weapon menus is:
;shortname "Display Name" menupage
;Add "blocked" to the end to block the weapon from showing up
; Or just delete it from the list

;Do not edit the menu #s for this one!
usp USP 0
glock Glock 0
deagle Deagle 0
p228 P228 0
elite Elite 0
fiveseven "Five Seven" 0

m4a1 M4A1 1
ak47 AK47 1
aug AUG 1
sg552 SG552 1
galil Galil 1
famas Famas 1
scout Scout 2
awp AWP 2
sg550 SG550 2
m249 M249 2
g3sg1 G3SG1 2
ump45 "UMP 45" 3
mp5navy "MP5 Navy" 3
m3 M3 3
xm1014 XM1014 3
tmp TMP 3
mac10 "Mac 10" 3
p90 P90 3

;List weapons here the bots can randomly have
;The short name must match one in the list above

and the metaplugins.ini file reads this


any help is GREATLY appreciated my clan would love to get this working, and i think another server in australia running this would be great.


12-19-2005, 21:14
*poke* any one?
This is really bothering me.

12-21-2005, 18:50
I've got the same problem.

I think it will be mani :roll:

12-21-2005, 18:58
You're all running Mani with this? Why haven't you tried disabling it?

12-21-2005, 21:01
You're all running Mani with this? Why haven't you tried disabling it?

I've tried disabling everything except smm and cssdm (latest versions) and the server gets a srcds.exe c++ runtime libary error upon start up


.ArtOfWar - Amplified
12-25-2005, 18:44
You're all running Mani with this? Why haven't you tried disabling it?

Yea we ran only DM and Metamod, nothing else, and it was on a fresh server.