View Full Version : Real time play by play plugin

10-13-2005, 17:13
I don't know if this mod still exists, but in counter strike there use to be a mod where, when you connected to a web page it would load an above view of the map. Also you would see red and blue dots representing the cts and ts. Basically it would show real time where each person was on the map and show if they died or if they killed any one. I cant remember the name of the mod. It was called php something I beleive. Any way is there such a mod for counter strikc source? If not is there anyone working on one?


10-13-2005, 17:29
phpua: http://phpua.sourceforge.net/

random example: http://www.texasfraggers.com/phpua/index.php?mode=watch&server=0

one somewhat related thing that i'm thinking of doing is creating a cmd line tool or cheap gui that lets you control either a smart/dumb bot or a non player