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10-03-2005, 17:01
Is there a maximum number of entries in a banned_users file? trying to pull together all our bans from the old server and put them on source. In the past we had to split it into multiple files. Anyone know how Source (DoD) handles bans and if it can handle a lagre number in one file?

10-04-2005, 12:01
There was a problem when CSS was first out, the Source engine could only handle a very small amount of bans but that was fixed and I thought it applied to the engine not a mod.

We have done the same adding our 1.6 bans to source, with the list now being at 3254 bans files size is 86KB [ 2 years worth of Steam bans ]

Don't quote me but I thought Valve said the number was now like 43,000 the ban list can hold.

We did modify the old ban list the format changed a little, instead of it being "banid 0.0 STEAM_0:0:5401294" in source it's "banid 0 STEAM_0:0:5401294"

We took out the .0 and named it 16bans.cfg and just did exec 16bans.cfg in the server console and they were added to the current ban list.

If you still find it wont work I would post to the HLDS mailing list and see what Alfred has to say about it, it may be a glitch with DoD:S

10-04-2005, 15:47
thanks for the info.

is this new format for bans (loosing the '0.') mandatory? we cut and pasted our old 1.6 ban.cfg into banned_users.cfg for source but didn't change the format. will they not work?

any suggestions for other places to look for info?

thanks, again!