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08-19-2005, 18:03
Here are some suggestions of mine for CSSDM

1] True DM settable (right now, it's just TDM)

2] I think that the buy-your-gear aspect of regular CSS should still be used in this plugin. Of course, limited buying times and Buy Zones as in reg. CSS doesn't make sense for DM, BUT having a Buy Menu that can be opened anywhere and at anytime will work.

At the very least, have a Buy Menu to purchase armour, nades, and health. EDIT: Oh yeah, and ammo. :)

3] Fragged players leave behind X amount of cash, where X is a settable amount via a cvar. This cash it taken from the fragged player. There could be a Cash Icon that appears on the ground where it's finders keepers or the fragger just auto-receives the cash.

4] Fragged players leave behind the active weapon when fragged, like in CSS.

5] Bodies stay for 2 seconds. There is less satisfaction from a frag when one doesn't see a body fall to the ground. 8)

6] Team Score needs to reflect total frags instead of round wins.