View Full Version : Get rid of those soundfiles that every server is sending!

08-07-2005, 07:34
Yo Geniuses

When you enter a (new) server it starts uploading loads of soundfiles to your PC. I dont want that.

Can someone make a plugin that:
- maybe blocks those files from coming on my computer
- changes all the soundfiles for a wav with a simple BEEP (in this case I only need one BEEP.wav instead of tons of wavs.) All the imported wav files will have the same length then
- write the names of those wavs to a list file so it is easy to remove them later

You see, three solutions to the same (for me) problem.

If I like a certain map with certain custom sounds, I will download and install that map myself. These are the sounds I want.

Most of the time you get sounds you cant use (only for players with certain rights on the server), you dont know they exist (you cant see a list) they are only there for the fun of the admin that installed them :?

If you agree with this too, react on this request/idea so people start thinking too


08-07-2005, 12:32
sv_allowdownload 0 on your client.