View Full Version : Does this exist for source?

07-24-2005, 16:07
O.K so i was playing CS 1.6 today and i came accross a pretty cool mod (in my opinion). Ver very simple but cool.

You remember that half life 1 voice? It's a male voice that sounds a bit robotic. If you dont i *think* that its the one that Team Fortress uses for it's "flag captured" and stuff. I havent played TF in a while but i think its that same voice.

Anyhow, this server had it so that that voice/guy counted down on the bomb/C4 timer from 3 to 0

so once the timer reached 3 he would go


and then it would blow up.

Is this available for source? If not, can someone maybe make it?

07-24-2005, 19:05
check eventscript it uses mani/nemod to produce that effect. http://mattie.info/cs/forums/