View Full Version : The different parts of the SteamID

06-30-2005, 03:39
Hi all
I'm currently writing a personal stats solution (client-server based) for CS:S and I wonder if anyone has the specs for the SteamID. I know I have seen them on the net somewhere but now I cant find it.
The ID consists of three number parts -> STEAM_X:Y:ZZZZZZZZ
How long could the different parts be ?
Could I fit Y and Z in a int32 ?

07-17-2005, 01:25
X:Y are the authecation server number
there are 2 authecation servers for steam
is your steam id client number the bigger the number the newer the account

09-26-2005, 22:35
IIRC, steamids are a maximum of 34 characters long.. int32 might work, but the middle and last nubmer should probably be sepreate. Or you could use something like char[40]. I only say 40 to give you room later on :)