View Full Version : I'm 80% done with bots, need little help

*t@[ SITH ]@t* {E}lement
05-30-2005, 20:03
hey i've got comine bots that aim, chase and melee attack. i need help as to getting them to fire their weapon though, if any one can help that would be great. at this rate i will have them done in a week and a half, but with help as early as 2 days. i will post them as soon as they're finished. here is the problem in the INTR: SCHED_METROPOLICE_CHASE_ENEMY (COND_METROPOLICE_PLAYER_TOO_CLOSE)

i am currently adding crouch and jump conditions and triangular rerouting but can add that as an update if we figure out the firing problem.

05-31-2005, 04:23
wow... thats sounds great. i'm sry i can't help , i dunno' nothing. :? But i know there's really not a good bot out there for cs:s. is this for hl2dm or cs:s ?

*t@[ SITH ]@t* {E}lement
05-31-2005, 22:51
it's for hl2dm but when i finish it i will make a css bot that's actually a challenge

06-01-2005, 00:06
i myself would really want this for both, but i prefer hl2dm. :-)