View Full Version : Sourcemod features

L. Duke
04-13-2005, 13:27
I wrote a couple plugins for amxmod, and I've been thinking about plugins that I'd like to write for SourceMod when it is released. I have a couple questions:

1. Will you be able to find a brush based entities extents (for example a func_hostage_rescue or func_buyzone)?

2. Will you be able to change a players model (like chickenmod or the amxmod plugin that let you set custom models for the admins)?

3. Will you be able to end a round and declare either T's or CT's the winner?

4. Will you be able to access and set the team score on the TAB scoreboard?


04-13-2005, 14:17
I dont know what sourcemod has in store for us but if the current plugin can do the above then I would hope that when sourcemod comes out we will have similar functions. nemoD does #'s 2-4 and the author is looking into #1.

L. Duke
04-13-2005, 19:25
Cool. Thanks man.