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01-19-2005, 22:35
i was having some trouble figuring out how to get BOTs in a dedicated server rather than just "Create Server" Option inside game


01-19-2005, 23:27
i would like to know how to do this too lol

01-20-2005, 10:46
Make a "bots.cfg" with the following entries:bot_difficulty "2"

bot_quota "5"
bot_quota_mode "fill"

bot_join_after_player "0"
bot_auto_vacate "1"

bot_prefix "[Bots] "Then insert into your "server.cfg" the line exec bots.cfg


01-20-2005, 14:24
a bit more detailed :

// Bot Basics

//1 = yes, meaning the bots will only join after a player. 0 = no, meaning bots will be there no matter what
bot_join_after_player 0

//Set Bot Difficulty 0=easy 1=normal 2=hard 3=expert
bot_difficulty 2

//bot_chatter [off, minimal, radio, normal]
bot_chatter minimal

// bot_quota ( 1 - 32 ) Number of bots to spawn when player joins
// Disabled while I test custom bot adds
bot_quota 4

//- Determines the type of quota. Allowed
// values: 'normal' and 'fill'.
// If 'fill', the server will adjust bots to keep N players in the game, where N is bot_quota.
bot_quota_mode: fill

// allows bots to go off on their own, 0 does not.
bot_allow_rogues 1

// if set this will place a tag infront of there name. so if u put [bot] and there was a bot named shawn, he would be shown as [bot]shawn
bot_prefix ".:KPB0t:."

// determines which team the bots join, ct, t, any
bot_join_team any

// Bot weapons 0 = Bots won't buy 1 = Bots will buy
bot_allow_grenades 1
bot_allow_machine_guns 0
bot_allow_pistols 1
bot_allow_rifles 1
bot_allow_shotguns 1
bot_allow_snipers 0
bot_allow_sub_machine_guns 1

//- If nonzero, bots with high co-op may automatically follow a nearby human player.
bot_auto_follow 1

//- If nonzero, bots will automatically leave to make room for human players.
bot_auto_vacate 1

//- If nonzero, bots will not buy if their money falls below this amount.

01-20-2005, 14:40
read the one I posted it has explanations for all those commands.

01-20-2005, 17:18
And if you're ahving trouble remembering all of those,
type inside your client console:find bot

01-20-2005, 17:38
thanks a bunch

01-20-2005, 20:10
yea thanx :)

01-21-2005, 00:35
thanx again for the info on adding bots. i have added bots and customized the file to my liking. I loaded up aim_flashlight and the server crashed. I had resolved to just have bots on the official source maps and the I had the bright idea to take the .nav files from my comp where the bots had "learned" the maps and put them on my server. Last time I looked aim_flashlight was working but aim_headshot_css crashed the server within 5 minutes. Any idea why one would work over the other? Thanx again.

01-21-2005, 13:37
disregard my last post. i was on turtle rocks forums and steams, both of which are loaded with questions about bots crashing servers. it would seem that the system they use to generate .nav files for custom maps can make mistakes. go figure.

01-21-2005, 15:26
Rebuild the nav meshes

10-06-2016, 00:37
So i am new to servers and I am also not very good at csgo

I am looking to set my competitive lan server to bot difficulty 1

So I tried using this method and the bot dosnt seem to have difficulty 1 it feels like 3
Also where do i but the bots.cfg file
And server.cfg no longer excist so where do i put the exicute command
Please help me

10-06-2016, 06:37
Create server.cfg file, example copy exist *.cfg file and paste. Rename copied file to server.cfg

In csgo game, you need use override config file to specific game type.
If you haven't change game_mode and game_type convars,
file is ...cfg/gamemode_casual_server.cfg

And again, create that file. You can copy-paste gamemode_server.cfg and rename it *_server.cfg
Edit cvars inside gamemode_casual_server.cfg
I remember there is bot settings also