View Full Version : This is NOT 3rd party plugin support.

01-13-2005, 23:36
This forum is for 1st party issues or questions regarding SourceMod. If you are having a problem with a specific plugin you downloaded from the "Plugins" section or a 3rd party site, post in that plugin's thread/forums/website for help.

Posts which are not directly first party SourceMod issues will be trashed. Example of first party issues:
A default plugin or API call is not working or SourceMod is crashing
SourceMod's default behaviour is not functioning as you expect
You have a question about the default SourceMod package or behaviour
You have a general question about configuring or installing 3rd party plugins on SourceMod
You want plugin recommendations or want to find a specific plugin you saw somewhere

Examples of posts which will probably be trashed:
You don't know how to configure or use CS:S DM or GunGame:SM
You want to know why a plugin you downloaded doesn't work as it's documented