View Full Version : Restricting Kits

01-13-2005, 00:54
I dled and installed MinimumAdminDll_21. The mod works great except that the Ts can still use the Auto Snipe.

Made a map.cfg for each map and set the awp 1 and the ssg550 1. The awp is restricted for bolth sides. The auto is restricted with the CTs but not with the Ts. I have double and triple checked all my settings and I cant find where the heck i goofed up.

In my cfg folder I had the usual CSS cfgs...server, skill. game, bann, etc CFGs. When I installed the MA_21 mod, default and match were added. I set the awp and sg550 to 1 as well in the default. I even add the default cfg to be started in the server.cfg just to test if that was the problem.

Any help would be appreciated....thanks

01-13-2005, 00:57
I am a idiot...the auto is called something diff for Ts..wOOt. Prob fixed

Whoever made this mod did a kick ass job.