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01-10-2005, 18:28
Hey Guys,
I just wanted to thank you. You guys are doing a great job in developing sourcemod :lol: . One thing that i would like to see is a new SICK logo and a nice forum design would be cool. I know the project is still far from being completed but its real good to have an attractive website. Good Luck with this great project ;)

01-23-2005, 11:18
EH, I don't think a GREAT web site design is that important when you have excellent content that people want. Look at CS-Nation. Terribly plain design, but it's extremely popular.

Then again, it could never hurt to have a nice good-looking web site. It's just not important.

01-23-2005, 22:44
leme see if i can whip one up real quick, the format of the website is default seen on most projects for cs.

01-23-2005, 23:11
How complex of a site do you really want? The current one is nice and simple. More forum themes might be nice though ;)

01-24-2005, 00:15

Hows that as a banner? 8) (Transparent but prob look best with white BG)

-- Currently Uploaded at: http://members.cox.net/robbob3/other/SM.gif

01-24-2005, 04:05
Looks good but I'm sure there are serious legal issues with using that.

01-24-2005, 10:05
:x then i'll just have to take my own screen shots. But I dont own source yet sooooo... :?