View Full Version : Death Specator Mode

12-24-2004, 20:10
Does any no know the server command to set specator view camera in game to Team Only. In other words when playing CS:S and you die, you spec your alive team players only. Not ALL alive players.

I've been hunting for this cvar for days now and can't seem to find it. Anyone got a clue?

Thx's for any help

12-24-2004, 20:37
mp_forcecamera 1

I believe m8

happy xmas

12-25-2004, 00:31
Yep that's what I thought to!, I got it set that way and no worky. The dead players are still able to view the other team! :)

thx's and merry xmas to you to ;)

12-25-2004, 00:40
mp_forcechasecam 1 as well

play with it as you like, changing it to 2 perhaps to get the desired effect

12-26-2004, 21:24
the combination for both of these WORK! awesome, guy's thanks ;)

w000000t no more ghosting!