View Full Version : SourceMod?

12-21-2004, 18:32
Hey guys i'm new here and what is the Source Mod gonna be ?

12-21-2004, 19:38
Hey guys i'm new here and what is the Source Mod gonna be ?

Take a look at the website, and browse through the forums before asking questions like this please.

01-23-2005, 11:14
What's the difference between SourceMod and the plugins already available in the HL2 plugin area?

I was always under the impression that, like AMX Mod, you needed to install AMX Mod in order to install plugins for things like ATAC or stat tracking.

I noticed that SourceMod is not yet released for the general public, however we can run the plugins available. I'm a little confused. It's like in reverse order for me...

01-23-2005, 12:22
sourcemod will be akin to amxmod(x), it will control server features just like they did and biggest of all it will will have plugin capabilities, people will make plugins for it to do various things like they did for amxmodx. The current plugin are minimal adhoc systems built to carry us through till the time that sourcemod is public, yes I know some of them have a variety of features already but that came about as plugin authors tried to learn more about the sdk and explored more things but they still cannot take plugins of their own which is where wourcemod will shine through ( all speculation ;) )

01-23-2005, 14:07
The current plugins are HL2 Server Plugins, not SourceMod plugins. They're written in C++.

SourceMod is a framework for administration like Admin-Mod. You may have noticed that all the server plugins have a different admin model - SourceMod unifies that, and lets you expand it with modules/plugins in various languages.