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01-20-2006, 00:41
If any of you have experienced an issue with XP switching with another player who is playing at the same time on the server, this is not the fault of SuperHero Mod nor Amx/x. There is an issue with Valve's software itself causing Steam ID switching. (I have only heard of a few instances of this, so it may only be effecting a few of you.) This is especially troublesome if Steam IDs switch with one of the admins playing at the time, which would grant the non-admin user with admin rights. For a bit further info please read this notice from AMX Mod X below.

Since many people have been complaining on hlds_linux and IRC about this, I thought I'd make a public announcement to the AMX Mod X community.

Currently, there are various bugs in the Half-Life 1 engine server concerning player steamids. There are widespread reports of players getting each other's steamids, players not authenticating (STEAM_ID_PENDING), and related bugs.

This is not a bug with AMX Mod X, but with Valve's software. However, it can drastically affect administration tools -- if a connecting player is accidentally assigned a Steam ID which happens to be an admin on your server, they will get admin access unknowingly. This is not a rare coincidence. It can happen if an administrator joins, disconnects, and then another player joins into the same slot.

If this is happening on your server, I highly recommend that you either implement passwords for your admins or use name/password based authentication. This will make it so players who accidentally get an admin steamid by the HL engine will be kicked, rather than granted administrative rights.

You can read more about this method of AMX Mod X authentication here:

If you are not experiencing this problem on your server, you can disregard this message.