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01-30-2005, 20:37

This will be updated whenever I fix bugs or make significant changes.
Some stuff isn't working yet, you can post problems if you run into any.

There are no precompiled binaries for superhero, sorry you'll have to learn now to compile if you want to use this.

The current version up there is nearly 1.18, just gotta make sure it all works so if some people wannt test it out for me go right ahead.

01-31-2005, 17:59
yay :) now u migh wanna upload all of custum heroes that u rewritten to work for amx/amxx

01-31-2005, 21:05
uhhh... did you look in the TPHeroes folder?

02-01-2005, 09:23
no :)

02-01-2005, 21:02
Seriously guys, I really need people to test this. If no one reports any problems soon I'm going to release it, then there might no be any more bugfixes till 1.2

02-01-2005, 21:12
I'd help test the core, but the fact that i modify every version that comes out with xp messages and weapon modifiers may mean im an unreliable test subject (even though i've never had a problem with any of the old cores :P)

I'll upload it in any case and if i find errors i'll post em and you can decide if its your or my fault :P

02-01-2005, 21:21
if you find any errors you will need to look in your source and show me the line and the surrounding lines, since your line numbers will be diff than mine.

kanu | DarkPredator
02-02-2005, 00:49
jtp i want to test this new version for you but i want to get some info first so i can

it says Rev: 1.2 beside the superheromod.inc, does that mean its version SH 1.2 (upgrade from 1.17.6) or does that mean its been revised 2 times?

what does cvs mean?

if i use your triple compiler, which files do i need to compile, superheromod.inc, superherovault, or superhero mysql?
i dont use mysql so i assume no on that one. but i read before somewhere that after i compile the superheromod i have to rename it something....?

02-02-2005, 00:59
if ur testing on AMXX i RECCOMEND putting AMXX_DEBUG 2 in ur server.cfg

kanu | DarkPredator
02-02-2005, 01:13
ok, thx

can you answer any of my most difficult questions?

ill give you a link to a cool site if you do.....

02-02-2005, 01:36
Its been revised 2 times
CVS = Concurrent Versions System

kanu | DarkPredator
02-02-2005, 01:42
thx, here is the link i promised

You have to turn your sound on to get full effect.

Click Me (www.badgerbadgerbadger.com)

by the way, if anyone ever wants a free link, just ask....

and if its been revised two times, what is the version of superhero? 1.17.7? 1.2?

02-02-2005, 01:49
it still is 1.17 its just it just means there were 2 changes/additions to the file. it might be multiple changes/additions at the same time

02-02-2005, 09:38
its actually "1.18 CVS"

and you put the includes in your includes folder, and you put the superheromod.sma in the folder to compile, then you compile it. Then you can rename the resulting superheromod.amx(x) to superheromodvault.amx(x) and put it on your server.

kanu | DarkPredator
02-02-2005, 11:41
oh, ok, il do that tonight

heres another cool link:

Click Me (www.homestarrunner.com/trogdor.html)

02-03-2005, 08:37
oh, ok, il do that tonight

heres another cool link:

Click Me (www.homestarrunner.com/trogdor.html)

haha, its trogdor, the burninator

02-09-2005, 22:20
need more CVS testers... best part about this update armor now takes damage, yay...

02-09-2005, 23:08
i'll try it when i get home from school

02-10-2005, 01:52
you click on things, and you donwload it, and you compile it..... pretty complicated :roll:

02-10-2005, 10:18
well i'm sure it's quite complicated for people who.. don't even know where to put the amx files and stuff like that.. :wink:

Alphabet Soup
02-16-2005, 06:48
Haven't been on here in awhile -- but I downloaded all the lastest files (includes, heroes that I do use, and the core sma's) and have them running on my server for about 8 hours now -- you must've fixed something because it seems to run more stable now. If I come across any bugs--I'll edit my post here. I'll have more data to analyze within 24 hours.

1) Hero "Poison Ivy" seems not to work anymore with this 1.18. I see that you hate this hero anyway so when I get around to it, I'll re-load her back onto my server and try to figure out the problem.

Additional Comments Ivy does seem to work (although I did modify code slightly) - I believe it's some memory issue that probably cleared up once I rebooted the physical server. Sometimes I get this with my Yoda and usually restarting the dedicated server program fixes it, but every now and then I have to rebooted the physical machine to fix it.

And yes - I recomplied all my heroes because of the new inc's.

2) Armor default values seemed like too much of an impact from what everyone was accustomed to, so I lowered them to armor_ratio 0.7 and armor_bonus 0.9.

Additional Comments I've always noticed that armor seemed to do nothing and the new armor calucation is great! It's just a bit strong with all the hero armor values (e.g. Colussus' 500AP (which has been removed from my server for 5 months anyway)), so it might be a good idea to make the armor bonus and ratio a CVAR instead for easy modification. (And explain that the higher the value the lower the benefits since most wont read how the calculations are done.)

3) Hero "Demolition Man": I was hoping the CVS version would be fixed and more stable but apparently if a bomb (from DE maps) blow up a mine, the server will crash. Guess the server get's stuck on trying to figure out who detonated those mines lol -- even though it reports that they have blown up.

02-16-2005, 07:21
Did you recompile Poison Ivy? cause all heroes should have been recompiled cause of the changes to the include (probably a stupid question). And I have not looked at Poison Ivy, most likely poor coding...

As far as the armor... It hasn't worked in a long time, so what everyone was accustomed to was not getting any armor at all. The values in the sma are taken directly from the SDK, so they are actual game play armor values (like if you bought armor). Maybe now we wont see so many heroes with way too much armor since it actually works (yea right)... (Oh and those values are just for damage caused by extra damage)

But I'm glad someone is testing it, I've caught some things but I only have a personal test server. Nice that a public server will get some results.

And for the demo man issue, you should have reported it in Bug Reports. I don't think anyone has brought up that fact to jtp, thanks for letting us know though.

Alphabet Soup
02-17-2005, 04:08
Ok I reported the Demolition Man v1.2 bug in the Bugs Forum as you suggested.

So far nothing new to report--the CVS v1.18 of Superheroes looks fine and definitely seems more stable then previous versions. If anything new comes up again, I'll post again. Thanks.

03-14-2005, 00:59
There is a CVS link up top now. And I finally fixed the "download this directory as a zip" link at the bottom of each page!
Enjoy. BTW I removed all the tpheroes zip files because the cvsweb will make the zip files on the fly for you

03-16-2005, 02:59
what is a debug and what does it mean?