View Full Version : Need some help with entity setup for mapmaking.

12-23-2014, 17:37
So I've made a few basic tf2 maps, but it's tfdb that I usually play, so I've decided that I would like to make a map for this gamemode. The thing is, I'm not quite sure how to set up the entities. I have downloaded the tfdb.fgd file that it says to use when making the maps. However, I've decompiled a few maps (Castle, Greybox, Octagon) and non of them seem to use this. They just seem to be using an info_target entity with the names rocket_spawn_red and rocket_spawn_blue. So I'm not exactly sure what to do here. Any help is greatly appreciated.

12-24-2014, 19:58
No idea what tfdb.fgd is, but the 2 info_targets with those names are indeed correct for TFDB and YADB.

12-27-2014, 19:07
Thanks for the help. I can get onto making some db maps now :D