View Full Version : Dodgeball affecting other game modes

11-28-2013, 00:02
Hi, I run a "many mods" server in Australia.

I realise that dodgeball is currently broken with regards to rockets not exploding and such. This problem is however carried over to other gametypes and maps. A soldier's rockets will not collide with terrain, although they have been able to damage enemies with a direct hit (though this is unreliable and has changed back and forth with patches since halloween). This happens on a vanilla cp_ map with no other plugins loaded.

If I start a server with tfdodgeball.smx in the disabled folder then everything outside of dodgeball works just fine. If the server is started with tfdodgeball.smx in the PLUGINS folder (already enabled) then the fault explained above becomes active.

Setting "sm_dodgeball_enabled 0" does nothing regarding the fault explained above. Unloading the tfdodgeball plugin via rcon does nothing. Changing map after unloading the plugin still does nothing. Once the plugin has been loaded, the fault becomes true for all other gametypes. The only way to clear the fault is to restart the server without the tfdodgeball.smx plugin.

I hope that this explanation gives you a hint on where to look. Dodgeball is one of the most fun gametypes around and every time a Valve update breaks it, somewhere in the world a kitten dies :(