View Full Version : Custom ingame display (top10, rank etc.)

03-15-2013, 15:29
Hello guys!

I would like to mod the display of top10 and rank.
Mainly I would like to have top10 and top15 be displayed as the status and weapons commands (like a motd, browser), but I am not able to find the files that do that :(

thanks for help in advance!


03-15-2013, 15:45
ATM you rely can not do this, with out changing ALOT of code.

To do this you have to change the daemon files to have the new SQL code and also if i remember correct you would have to edit the in-game plugin to show the correct menu options.

And as a side note i do not support modding the current files in ANY way...

03-15-2013, 16:53
its bad for hlds (
top15 is ugly in game

03-16-2013, 10:05
I appreciate your reply Mavrick.

I know this is not a project in the near future but please consider this as it is a very nice feature to add, to let the users edit the top display :)