View Full Version : HLstatsX deamon crash

01-10-2013, 15:16

I have problem with HLstatsX deamon crash, as you can read in the Title.

I just installed lastest version of HLstatsX 1.6 19 and after 10 minutes running deamon it crashes with error "Can't call method "set" on unblessed reference at .//HLstats_EventHandlers.plib line 559."

I have searched half of google and found some reasons, but none helped. I tried to add servers one by one restarting them and waiting to update in database by themselves. Unfortunately with no success.

Has anyone got this kind of error ? Can someone help me, please? I would really appreciate your help!

01-10-2013, 16:48
Put the task on crontab, will not stop the error, but starts the daemon again.

*/5 * * * * user /hlstats/path/run_hlstats start 1 port

01-10-2013, 18:18
Are you running a steam only server?

01-11-2013, 00:51
I have two servers 1 steam and 1 non-steam (48p only+STEAM), but I tried to add servers one by one restarting (ex. only steam, or only non-steam)

Result: DEAMON crash :(
P.s. yesterday i tried to fully reinstall hlstats + deamon, but anyway crash :(

01-11-2013, 01:51
No steam no support.