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12-14-2012, 08:20
Well, i dont know where to grab that issue.
Everything works, deamon running and connected to DB, hlstatsx shows serwer status and if there are players, i also can see them, but when i try enter to some player profile, like:


It just says Loading... and nothing more.

http://hlstatsx.skillfactory.pl/hlstats.php?mode=chat&game=csgo click any name from chat,
Profile wont load.

Any ideas ?

[email protected]:~/hlstatsx/scripts$ ./run_hlstats restart

HLstatsX:CE daemon control
Attempting graceful shutdown of HLstatsX:CE daemon on port 27500 1
Attempting to start HLstatsX:CE daemon on port 27500...
Daemon successfully restarted on port 27500

And no errors in game console

And awards page goes blank: http://hlstatsx.skillfactory.pl/hlstats.php?mode=awards&game=csgo
But actions seems to work: http://hlstatsx.skillfactory.pl/hlstats.php?mode=actions&game=csgo

On the server there wasnt alot players.

note: HLstatsX+Database is on other machine than GameServer

And i see in database in hlstatsx_Players that THERE ARE infos about profiles inserted into MySQL.

Any clue why ? What i may doing wrong ?

12-14-2012, 15:29
Just tried this hotfix from here :

Please apply the CSGO hotfix downloaded here https://bitbucket.org/psychonic/hlstatsxce/downloads

You need to STOP the damon apply the new file, make it exec (chmod +x) then start the damon back up.

Let me know if that does fix it.

@knorde I looked at your web install of HLX it looks like it is missing ALOT of files or has been modded. If this patch does not fix your problem you might need to install HLX:CE fresh (including the DB)

But still same. Anyone ?

How i can recall some debug option to see where problem is placed here ?

12-14-2012, 15:50
The problem lies with the hosting. Check on another hosting.

12-14-2012, 15:55
The problem is not with the host, i am guessing that he applyed the hot fix wrong because

Tracking 74 players (+20 new players last 24h) with 0 kills (+-1 last 24h) and 0 headshots (0.00%) on 1 servers

The DB is still not getting the kills logged.

12-14-2012, 15:58
The problem is not with the host, i am guessing that he applyed the hot fix wrong because

The DB is still not getting the kills logged.

Let me check again. If i just kill bots, he will log it as kills or i need to get real players ?

12-14-2012, 16:02
you need to go to admin -> game -> server config -> and turn ignore bots to 0

12-14-2012, 16:06
you need to go to admin -> game -> server config -> and turn ignore bots to 0

Ok, will check in a sec, i might just done something wrong with hotfix. Thanks for fast reply

12-14-2012, 16:29
Tracking 74 players (+20 new players last 24h) with 2 kills (+-1 last 24h) and 1 headshots (50.00%) on 1 servers

Ok, works now.

Still not loading profiles.
link: http://hlstatsx.skillfactory.pl/hlstats.php?mode=playerinfo&player=1
Awards goes to blank:


2012-12-15 01:21:08: - DEBUG: Updated IP for 73 to
2012-12-15 01:21:08: - E001: "Crazy Frog" <P:73,U:10,W:1:12296117,T:> connected, address "", hostname "", hostgroup ""
2012-12-15 01:21:09: - E001: BAD DATA: "Crazy Frog<10><STEAM_1:1:12296117><>" STEAM USERID validated
2012-12-15 01:21:19: - MYSQL: Flushing player updates to database...
2012-12-15 01:21:20: - MYSQL: Flushing player updates to database is complete.
2012-12-15 01:21:23: - E008: (IGNORED) NOTMINPLAYERS: "Cliffe" <P:51,U:3,W:BOT:94690bdaa6704d7dd7bec930bb3399 2e,T:TERRORIST> killed "Gunner" <P:52,U:7,W:BOT:55a775a603e9ea4f3f7016318b28a3 0c,T:CT> with "ak47"
2012-12-15 01:21:24: - DNS: Resolving hostname (timeout 3 sec) for IP "" - cpc1-dals15-2-0-cust33.hari.cable.virginmedia.com
2012-12-15 01:21:24: - E002: "Crazy Frog" <P:73,U:10,W:1:12296117,T:> entered the game
2012-12-15 01:22:11: - E020: (IGNORED) OK Rcon from "": "hlx_sm_psay "10" "Crazy Frog got 2 points (1,002) for Pick up the Bomb""
2012-12-15 01:22:17: - E013: (IGNORED) World triggered "Round_Start" (7/4)
2012-12-15 01:22:38: - E008: "Quade" <P:42,U:8,W:BOT:bebef0bc4b048566024f61f1b73f92 fb,T:TERRORIST> killed "Crusher" <P:41,U:5,W:BOT:0e4f86d24e6a105eb91fc86f1d3c8d 76,T:CT> with "glock"
2012-12-15 01:22:39: - E020: (IGNORED) OK Rcon from "": "status"
2012-12-15 01:22:39: - E020: BAD DATA: rcon from "": command ""
2012-12-15 01:22:39: - E020: (IGNORED) OK Rcon from "": "sv_visiblemaxplayers"
2012-12-15 01:22:40: - E008: "Gunner" <P:52,U:7,W:BOT:55a775a603e9ea4f3f7016318b28a3 0c,T:CT> killed "Quade" <P:42,U:8,W:BOT:bebef0bc4b048566024f61f1b73f92 fb,T:TERRORIST> with "hkp2000"
2012-12-15 01:22:40: - MYSQL: Flushing player updates to database...
2012-12-15 01:22:40: - MYSQL: Flushing player updates to database is complete.

12-14-2012, 16:43
I do not know, what i can tell you is that your website is not generateing the links correctly IE.


When it should be


So i would have to guess that it is a old version of PhP or the install is corrupted

12-14-2012, 16:48
let me do phpinfo script

12-14-2012, 16:49

PHP Version 5.2.17

http://hlstatsx.skillfactory.pl/hlstats.php?mode=playerinfo&player=1#general_aliases - like that doesnt work either

reuploaded whole web content of HLstatsX 10 minutes ago, so i dont think files are corrupted, and well, thats not some free hosting or something.. its a good one and well.. kinda expensive tho :/

12-14-2012, 16:57
Have you modded ANY of the files?

12-14-2012, 16:59
nop, totally fresh instalation, added csgo server addres and changed admin password and login. Thats it.
Downloading new .rar archive, unziping, deleting this one on FTP and uploading again, but im 99,9% sure that wont help

12-14-2012, 17:32
Widzę ze jesteś z polski, proszę napisz na GG: 1206323
Wspólnie rozwiążemy problem.
I see that you are in Polish.
Together we will solve the problem.

12-14-2012, 17:54
Problem solved. My host provider had activated web page stats, their were adding header to each web file, that was causing the problem. Tobic can be closed.

12-14-2012, 21:15
Can you let me know what stats software that was so i can work on a real fix for it?

12-15-2012, 07:00
Ok, reedited post, it adds this:

<script type="text/javascript">
document.writeln('<'+'scr'+'ipt type="text/javascript" src="http://home.hit.stat24.com/_'+(new Date()).getTime()+'/script.js?id=d61LacNiPMoJob0gaiLcioZiP_gRu292 ylzBytp9roj.27"></'+'scr'+'ipt>');
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://home.hit.stat24.com/_1355573673975/script.js?id=d61LacNiPMoJob0gaiLcioZiP_gRu292 ylzBytp9roj.27"></script>

in <body> section
If You need more information about that stats just let me know, ill post any neccessary info You need :)

I turned ON stats on other web on same account, heres the stats link:

Heres the web, where stats are included (You can check source code):

Stats web (i think):

Hosting is provided by:

If You need more infos, let me know


12-15-2012, 16:16
Thanks for the info :)