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01-26-2012, 12:30
There used to be a mod that added jetpacks to the game for pyros... It was called "AfterBurner"

It was with a bunch of other mods that made classes more versertile. When i decided to start up a dodgeball server with Asherkins DB Mod, i went to look for the mod and grab it again, but it appears that the mod had died off (Even the download link)

I was wondering, if you could create it again within the dodgeball mod with 2 extra cvars, 1 to enable it, and 1 for a length before the jetpack dies and starts making you fall down.

If you need more details, i'll gladly post as much as i can :D

-Thx in Adv

01-28-2012, 11:58
As you said yourself, this should just be a separate SourceMod plugin, including this in the TFDB code would be silly.

EDIT: http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=1637854

01-28-2012, 20:07
Alliedmods Search Function failed me :(


I just looked at the first post of that topic...And wow...it was posted just a few days after i went looking for the jetpack mod....

**End Edit (:**

The only reason i suggest that it would go in with the dodgeball mod, is because it makes it great fun! (And i also thought u were the only modder who could probley re-create this and not make it impossiblely buggy/hard to use) (: