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  1. I'm new in creating servers for CS:GO. I have a few questions
  2. Looking for a CS:GO plugin pawner
  3. Looking for capes to store - CSGO
  4. [CSGO] Hint Text
  5. Left4Dead 2 - VoteBlock Plugin?
  6. L4D2 respawn - campaign
  7. [Solved] FastDL CSGO - Missing map
  8. Server crashing when swap myself
  9. [Solved] [L4D2] Crashing when loading the map
  10. [Solved] Sourcemod and Metamod:Source not loading on L4D1
  11. Missing shutdown function error
  12. Install Addons to l4d2's dedicated server
  13. Custom Campaign/Maps Crashes
  14. Admin System: You do not have access to this command
  15. Assistance with a SourceMod MVM Crash
  16. Any Suggestions IDE for SourcePawn? (Geany keeps freezing up on me)
  17. Why do some people prefer L4D1 over L4D2?
  18. Send Impulse 101 command to all players?
  19. sourcebans++ getting error
  20. battlemetrics gets info from server's sourcemod
  21. Source bans big problem
  22. Fresh Install CSGO Unknown command "sm"
  23. Anyone know a way to continue to Debug programs while Steam Servers are down?
  24. Does it make a difference if I play through L4D1 in L4D2 or in the original L4D1 game
  25. How to fix unable to open database file?
  26. [L4D2]I keep hearing "crackling/popping" sound suddenly after updated?
  27. [Csgo] problem with var in server
  28. [SM] Exception reported: Array index out-of-bounds (index 25, limit 25)
  29. adminmenu custom
  30. Endpoints for a list of Sourcemod Plugins
  31. SM_Admin - No access
  32. Gungame statistic recreates at win user
  33. [L4D] Plugin request
  34. Can't Make myself Admin
  35. [Solved] [TF2] Scream Fortress 2022 Bug
  36. I have a bug with sm_noclip
  37. api for checking newest version?
  38. [ CS GO ] Huge problem new source 1.12
  39. Shop-Core Plugin
  40. stop perf-x.map files
  41. [Solved] I need this plugin
  42. Localhost with SourceMod
  43. Using MaxClass SourceMod addon
  44. How to edit a plugin?
  45. Parachute plugin free for all?
  46. Respawn plugin but with timer
  47. L4d-1 tank punch
  48. Have I written the largest plugin for Sourcemod?
  49. Crash on skybox change (Stripper) (L4D1)
  50. [L4D] Tank claw damage
  51. How to disable logs in /logs dir?
  52. Whitelist certain VAC banned players plugin?
  53. SourceMod for no interp?
  54. set Scoreboard in CSS-GunGame to 0 Kills
  55. The generic updater by tony sometimes breaks the updated plugin.
  56. Can't connect to local MySQL server using sourcemod
  57. L4D2 Finale Scorebug
  58. DumpAdminCache() behind NAT
  59. [L4D2] Why weapon's clip disappear after reloading? bad network status?
  60. [Solved] [L4D2] FastDL Tutorial For Me
  61. TF2 Update 06-12-2022 - Crashes Stock SM
  62. L4D2 - server crashes on map change
  63. How to build SourceMod extensions on Windows?
  64. [resolved] - Jailbreak server crashing
  65. [L4D2]items don't spawn in survival mode
  66. Block free to play players in TF2
  67. SourceMod Unban
  68. Problem with map list
  69. Diamondback Rockets
  70. Is ProtectCMDs extension safe?
  71. Sourcebans++ TCP Error
  72. [TF2] Proper viewmodel hands animations
  73. What is the allocation size for csgo?
  74. SRCDS - +IP problem
  75. [L4D2]Linux game server rental
  76. [Solved] [L4D2]Can SDKHooks have plugin conflicts?
  77. Can someone give me a hand with this?
  78. server no headshot
  79. Can someone help me find these two signatures for windows?
  80. L4D2, Looking for modders
  81. Problem with tEasyFtp/cURL
  82. [Solved] [HI2] The absence of a bald head when entering the game
  83. [Solved] [CSGO] Server attacks, cvars violation
  84. [TF2] looking for SM developer to help with RGL.gg TF2 League
  85. weapons&gloves skins for CSS
  86. Connection to database failed: Could not find driver "mysql"
  87. CS:GO Fake Rank Custom Problem.
  88. [L4D2] Do FastDL work on Listen Servers?
  89. rtv not working
  90. My Codes have some errors
  91. SMX Decompiler
  92. AFK plug-in problem
  93. [Solved] CSGO Timeout Delay issue
  94. [BUG?] index disorder problem
  95. [L4D2] LAN party splitscreen help/ideas
  96. 'Servers with this Plugin' Question
  97. [Solved] [CSS] !votekick: You do not have access to this command.
  98. bkning, women swimwear
  99. [L4D2] Block motd + host file abuse idea's
  100. [CSGO] Plugin HUD Text is too big
  101. [L4D/L4D2]Block Jockey teleport survivors?
  102. csgo sdkhooks not running
  103. Update to sourcemod disabled everything
  104. (FIXED)[FOF] [SDKTOOLS] Sigscan for FireOutput failed
  105. [SM] Extension sdkhooks.ext.so failed to load: Failed to setup entity listeners
  106. Fist full of Frags - I bet becomes popular like TF2 did!
  107. [L4D2] Special Infected Claw Damage CVARS
  108. [csgo] Choosing wrong map after vote
  109. [Solved] [L4D2]finale stage tank problem
  110. [FOF] TeleportEntity does not work
  111. New group for Cs Plugins/Addons
  112. [L4D2] Custom server. Experiencing lag i cannot figure out, help
  113. [CSGO] Problem
  114. [l4d1] vip or access of specific commands to specific player
  115. How do i remove a ● from a message
  116. WorldText Font Change
  117. i can't build the Custom Rounds
  118. csgo plugin compile problem plz help
  119. Whitelist certain VAC banned players plugin?
  120. War3Evo's Annoying Cheat Killer (WACK) plug-in Proposal.
  121. [L4D2]mob spawn location problem
  122. Broken server browser
  123. I need help it fix TF2 plugins
  124. (L4D1)ammo/bullets change
  125. After update to
  126. How I can force default gloves? (CS:GO)
  127. [Solved] [CSGO] Searching for a developer
  128. When use speak button...
  129. Any updated chat/commands logger ?
  130. [L42D2] Crash on vphysics_srv.so!IVP_Material_Manager::get_ela sticity(IVP_Contact...
  131. How to give certain players noclip from server console
  132. [Solved] [L4D2] I can't set myself as an admin
  133. Join CoOp as spectator only
  134. mat_ Serverside?
  135. [Solved] clients freeze when they execute a loop alias
  136. [CS:GO]Explanation plugin
  137. Pistols only DOD:S
  138. Source 2 is finally coming to CS:GO ???
  139. [l4d2]Private cvars
  140. SourceAdmin, a possible alternative to the SourceBans
  141. Anti ddos l4d
  142. SourceMod Unban
  143. SourceMod Translations conflict with ban.sp (Which is correct??)
  144. I know you can translate output, but what about input??
  145. [Solved] [L4D2] Can I get a list of default gamemodes?
  146. [Solved] Will SourceMod plugins work in Source2?
  147. Localhost with SourceMod
  148. host_info_show 2 not working
  149. Is ProtectCMDs extension safe?
  150. 30minutes give 1 point csgo plugin?
  151. is there any tool to system link the folders for plugins insted
  152. !elo plugin
  153. [Help Needed] Respawning Issue.
  154. How to stop bots from spawning on server?
  155. [CSGO] Searching for a skins plugin
  156. [Solved] Building SourceMod Linux
  157. [Dark Messiah MP] Level progress resets after map change via rtv or votemap
  158. How to write a plugin that adjusts the damage and recoil values of your own weapon?
  159. Ungroup enties in csgo?
  160. [CSGO] Native votes ratio
  161. Setting Up CSGO Reverse proxy server
  162. how do I get chat notifications on my server?
  163. How to acccess steamcmd console in docker?
  164. [TF2]How to make a sound play when player died?
  165. Automatically updating Source/Metamod without its own auto-updater
  166. [CSGO] Searching for a plugin
  168. [CS:S] SourceTV Reserved Slot Issue
  169. Hide admin command (l4d2)
  170. [Solved] [CSGO] Getting kicked off the server with available slots
  171. Docker TF2 server not loading Sourcebans/Steamgroup admins
  172. Block certain commands from executing in game console?
  173. Help with Preventing Connect/Disconnect Spam
  174. Looking for a scripter
  175. Need help with decompiling SMX files
  176. Anti Cheat Vaccoin
  177. GOTV Bot Getting Kicked for Reservation Slot
  178. How to Show weapon_healthshot on radar
  179. Open Game Painel ideias
  180. [L4D2] Server custom content
  181. Needing help with Tf2items plugin
  182. How to change CS:GO ingame server date language?
  183. [Solved] [L4D2] Windows dedicated server crash, help please.
  184. During Round Sounds
  185. Is it possible to code in Python or C++?
  186. [Solved] [L4D2] Steam group servers have a problem 800+ Group !
  187. [Solved] [L4D2/ANY] AFK Manager (Version 4.3.0 / Problem With Dead Players)
  188. Hextags plugin ChatTag problem
  189. valve voice ban disable plugin
  190. [Solved] [L4D2] What is the name of the Realistic Versus mode?
  191. [Solved] How to handle flash-assisted
  192. How to handle client money change [CSGO]
  193. CSGO What's the plugin for hs bell sound?
  194. Debugging loud sounds constantly playing
  195. Looking for ways to make the terrorists win when the round was a draw
  196. [L4D2/any] Server is not showing on server browser for some periods
  197. L4D2 not uploading files(fastdl)
  198. CS2 and Sourcemod
  199. [CS:GO] Teams limited to 2
  200. CSGO | Whats the name of this Rank system plugin?
  201. CSGO How can i turn off end map vote?
  202. [Solved] L4D2 server crashes when transitioning from saferoom or new map/chapter.
  203. [Solved] Mysql Database SSL insecure connection
  204. [L4D2] Fast & Convenient (ADD-ON MAPS) - About!
  205. [L4D2] What should be done for server performance?
  206. [Solved] [L4D2] How can I correct my server time?
  207. [CS:GO] How to add bot in csgo team deathmatch server
  208. Need Help Setup CSGO server
  209. sv_downloadurl doesn't work
  210. [CS:GO] Gamemode File For Team Deathmatch Plugin ?
  211. [CS:GO]Arrange the map order
  212. CSGO How can i disable vote kick?
  213. [CSGO] Looking for a cool rankme system
  214. [L4D2] crashing on map changes
  215. [CS:GO] Don't know how to describe it. Please check image first.
  216. [CS:GO] How to set server map random choose
  217. [L4D2] crashing server (accelerator report)
  218. [CS2] Any information about server developing?
  219. Cheats getting enabled on server on map change
  220. How to fix arms in zephyrus store preview
  221. How to start a map vote after a round is over?
  222. My Local server of L4D2 with sourcemod crashes every time in startup after May update
  223. [l4d2] how to prevent auto team shuffling
  224. [L4D2]is it possible to make 12 lobby player just with SM
  225. Store plugin
  226. mapchooser question
  227. How can I put a Discord bot with TF2 server info
  228. [CS-GO] Problem with an entity
  229. [l4d2] i got some logs at server launch but idk the reason
  230. (CSGO server config setup need help
  231. L4D2 8+ Player COOP
  232. AI-Based CS:GO Plugin
  233. I need help running TF2 Taunts TF2IDB on a server shell
  234. [L4D2] confused about reserved slots / slot reservation
  235. How can I use TF2 Taunts TF2IDB without a Python database?
  236. [Solved] [L4D2] how to check for the latest joined player
  237. CSGO. New server need help pug
  238. rtv and workshop maps
  239. Custom Map Configs With Workshop Maps
  240. Stuck on inferno deathmatch
  241. how to stop admin from messing with cvar commands ?
  242. Confussed About MM & SM Installs to L4D2 Addon Folder
  243. [Solved] CKSurf MySQL database error
  244. where can i find this plugin
  245. [Solved] How do you get Sourcemod to apply admin rights THIS TIME?
  246. error 035: argument type mismatch (argument 1)
  247. [L4D2] Disappearing fuel barrel
  248. help with zombie riot boss
  249. [L4D2] automatic robot plugins problem
  250. Plugin With AI