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  1. TF2Items - Items with custom attributes.
  2. Congrats!
  3. Weapon ideas
  4. So how do tf2items work?
  5. Setup admin flags?
  6. Get item slot for item in TF2Items_OnGiveNamedItem?
  7. General help and how to add effects?
  8. TF2Items FAQ
  9. Menu for TF2 Items
  10. TF2 Zombie
  11. Get attributes of items as they're given
  12. Allow us to override existing attributes while using the PRESERVE_ATTRIBUTES flag
  13. Config
  14. Can setting attributes too high cause client crashes?
  15. Reports TF2Items is broken after today's (10/05/2012) update.
  16. Item Attribute List wiki page
  17. On respawn, TF2Items_OnGiveNamedItem fired for one of three tf_wearables
  18. On give disguise items
  19. TF2 items help?
  20. Can I make custom item set?
  21. What is offset = 462 ?
  22. Changing a weapon with TF2 items.
  23. We need new tf2items gamedata
  24. Preserving Attributes?
  25. [Solved] I Can't Disable Alt-Fire on the Sandvich and the Steak
  26. TF2_GiveNamedItem failed
  27. [Script]Tf2 Items rewarding system
  28. [Solved] [TF2] Setting General Properties and Checking Weapon On-Hit
  29. New version of OnGiveNamedItem with item properties in it?
  31. [Solved] Having a Problem With ItemAttributes not Working
  32. Modified plugin to define config file?
  33. Useful Attribute List
  34. Items are invisible to other players
  35. Can't Seem to Give the Short Circuit the Onhit AddAmmo Effect?
  36. Setting attributes to be server-wide
  37. Strange items acting strange
  38. reload config file ?
  39. How Do Change Hat Color?
  40. attribute #289
  41. Please teach me
  42. Unusual Hat Effects Menu
  43. [Solved] SteamId neccesary for every player?
  44. Syncing the Item Settings via MySQL?
  45. Hats bug
  46. need new gamedata after MvM update
  47. [Solved] Crash If Touched the MVM Upgrade Station?
  48. Server Crashes
  49. TF2Items not working
  50. TF2Items Attributes
  51. Version of SM compatible with TF2items?
  52. bi-directional teleport attribute
  53. Inverted Percentage
  54. Uber on Custom made Medigun?
  55. different weapon configs?
  56. tf2 items not working after last update
  57. Random error that I can't figure out.
  58. TF2Items not setting attributes correctly
  59. Can't get it to work
  60. Add support for GetLoadoutSlot
  61. [Solved] "keep-defaults" options for TF2items Custom weapons
  62. TF2Items Error
  63. ...
  64. Having some issues with changing a weapon
  65. Hat effects
  66. class hopping glitch
  67. unusual -TF2Items problem
  68. Config File Questions
  69. Uber Rocket launcher. help
  70. Can't get TF2items_manager to work
  71. TF2Items - database
  72. New stable version of TF2Items?
  73. Help With TF2 Items
  74. admin-flags question
  75. Can You Assign Weapons Attributes from the Mann Vs. Machine Upgrade Station?
  76. problem with items.weapons
  77. [Help] Default items
  78. Question about config
  79. Not working?
  80. TF2items i think i coded wrong
  81. Quick Question
  82. Add attribute problem
  83. Latest TF2 Beta crashes with bots
  84. New gamadata.txt offset soon?
  85. Attrib. 448 & 450
  86. [Read Me] TF2Items 1.5.3 Released.
  87. TF2Items_OnGiveNamedItem() assistance, please.
  88. Change Item Type/Change Item Properties
  89. Player Attribute Editing?
  90. Reducing deployed stickies does not work for variants
  91. Stock Weapons
  92. Few questions
  93. Linux x64 server unable to load tf2items
  94. Particle Effects on Weapons
  95. Toggle your attributes
  96. No Paint
  97. Rocket Minigun
  98. Team/Class Designation
  99. Sniper scope movement speed
  100. Tf2 items
  101. ID for unusual particles [Updated 11/07/2014]
  102. please update tf2items,server always crash on this.
  103. [Help]Server Crashes When I Join
  104. Item Classname Attributes
  105. Patched?
  106. please help flare gun can jump high.
  107. EOF Keyvalue errors! Oh no!
  108. Short Circuit
  109. weapon attributes only for certain flag
  110. Forced Pyrovision
  111. How do I exclude SPY class?
  112. Is possible to change visuals and sounds?
  113. Robot Attributes or give attribute by name
  114. Projectiles Attribute
  115. [TF2] Add weapon attributes (TF2Items)
  116. Particles not working anymore.
  117. Problems with Effect/Color Attribute
  118. [Help]How do i qualities classification?
  119. disable for some maps (crashes server)
  120. Prefixes on modified items
  121. [Question] Pyro "push" attribute modification
  122. [Help]i just wanna give player a new taunt action items,plz help!!!
  123. Please Help me T_T
  124. Disable tf2items.weapons.txt
  125. Modding the Buff Banner/ Conch VS The Battalion's Backup?
  126. One tf2items.weapons.txt for multi TF2 servers
  127. [Help] Halloween Speel ?
  128. Question about Mediguns and ubers
  129. OnGiveNamedItem handles
  130. How add atributes to all who join?
  131. Ongivenameditem preserve attributes with exceptions?
  132. Custom item values revert on map change
  133. Multiply weapons properties
  134. Admin Weapons!!!
  135. TF2Items not working on SteamPipe?
  136. creating items to multiple SteamID's
  137. Please help with the tf2items
  138. MvM Upgrade Attribute Numbers
  139. What happened to the TF2I snapshot repo?
  140. GetNumAttributes
  141. TF2items not working?
  142. Limetech tf2items snapshots mirror down?
  143. TF2Items Documentation
  144. Plugin_Changed not working for me
  145. [TF2] Converting Phlog to Basic Flamethrower
  146. Numbers of the particles
  147. Nerfing shorstop - pls help?
  148. Shooting rockets?
  149. Confused
  150. "unknown entity type tf_weapon_shotgun!"
  151. Mantreads damage buff and another question
  152. Halloween Spells
  153. Getting my plugin to respect tf2items.weapons.txt
  154. [TF2] How do the Halloween Spells work
  155. TF2Items_SetClassname defaulting ?
  156. [Solved] Item tint color values?
  157. KeyValues Error
  158. tf_wearable crash and oddities
  159. Add TF2Items_EquipPlayerWearable
  160. Database support
  161. Spectral Spectrum?
  162. Some attributes aren't working
  163. tf2items not working after today's update
  164. Escape Plan Fix
  165. is Attribute broken?
  166. My Server is crashing!
  167. Mediguns works wrong
  168. Golden wrench for admins
  169. Problem with "crit does no dmg" attribute
  170. tf2items.ext.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
  171. Error in coding?
  172. Can't equip items
  173. Question before installing
  174. TF2Items or TF2Attributes
  175. Memory Leak
  176. Question about Tf2items
  177. Firing speed/reload speed attribute values not what they set to.
  178. How to make all weapons gold?
  179. Attributes working for everyone else except me
  180. [HELP] With the function TF2Items_SetAttribute
  181. Why Saxxy weapon not work for me? :(
  182. [HELP] Any other way ?
  183. [HELP] Modify attributes via command ?
  184. Kunai max overheal?
  185. [Help]Nocrit attribute on all non melee weapons
  186. weapon stats
  187. TF2Items_OnGiveNamedItem and OVERRIDE_CLASSNAME/OVERRIDE_ALL doesn't work
  188. Ability to choose items to be buffed or otherwise
  189. General TF2items question
  190. tf2items not working after today's update
  191. Preserve attribute in different format
  192. I made a list of all the tf2 weapon stats "reversed". Can someone make this happen?
  193. TF2 Items: Randomization Question/Request
  194. Support string attributes
  195. TF2ItemsInfo
  196. [Solved] MVM Update breaks tf2items (Two City update)
  197. Killstreak weapons
  198. Certain weapons are not affected by attributes at all
  199. Attribute for medic shield from mvm
  200. [FIXED] Use TF2Items_SetAttribute
  201. Attribute #2024
  202. Does anyone know hot to make all weapon stats x10?
  203. MVM Black Box Soldier weapon replica - Looking for attribute
  204. [HELP] Create a new weapon ?
  205. FYI: Switching item definition indexes sometimes causes animation bugs
  206. Map specific weapon configs
  207. [TF2] Problem using TF2Items to give a player a spellbook
  208. Killstreaker plugin request
  209. Adding a charge meter?
  210. Invalid TF2ItemType handle
  211. Blocking a wearable
  212. Change item name, and change attribute though code?
  213. Attribute 2027
  214. Is there any up to date tutorial on how to install?
  215. [Solved] [Answered]Would this make everyone's weapon quality Valve?
  216. [Solved] Derpy code
  217. [Solved] Shared weapons not working with tf2items
  218. NVM
  219. Block hats/misc items from being modified
  220. Weapon blocking/replacing
  221. Server crashing since a few days
  222. [Read Me] New TF2 Quickplay Rules
  223. Applying a skin
  224. Failed to find?
  225. Modifying Engineer's Buildings
  226. Attribute 2027
  227. [Solved] Stripping attributes off of weapons?
  228. Apply sandman like abilities to other bats?
  229. No #base or #include in config files?
  230. Precache sounds when: OverrideSoundFootsteps is used.
  231. More optimized way for tf2items_manager plugin to modify weapons.
  232. Errors in error logs
  233. Spellbook?
  234. How to make mediguns give kritz and mega heal?
  235. Making Australium and Killstreak weapons
  236. [Solved] How do I set more than one attribute at a time?
  237. trying to give back equalizer old option
  238. how checking hat slot ?
  239. Projectile Override 13 (Righteous Bison)
  240. How can I change item_class?
  241. OnGiveNamedItem: Blocking Action Slot items doesn't work
  242. Weapons list not working
  243. Handle 100f0d5f is invalid
  244. Invalid Weapon Index
  245. tf2items.ext.2.ep2v.so: Access is denied (TCAdmin)
  246. Problems setting the weapons of a player.
  247. Weapons' item definition indexes stay the same.
  248. TF2items snapshot
  249. how do i get attribute value?
  250. invalid "58"self dmg push force increased!?