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Picture Added 02-11-2022 12:44
Added by MsDysphie

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  1. MsDysphie
    02-11-2022 12:47
  2. Lunreth
    12-01-2022 14:37
    The useless dev that never did a single map, but feels cocky enough to insult anyones work, how pathetic must be to lose any moderator or admin charge from HolyCrap because of your retarded actions LOL, how pathetic must be to keep releasing plugins with tons of bugs and still feel like you did a perfect job, even a monkey blindfolded can do them, how pathetic must be to play combat arms drunk and release it to public, how pathetic must be to keep changing photos and description like anyone care, how pathetic must be to cry publicly at discord and create a witch hunt that breaks their own rules only to kick me... the answer is REALLY pathetic, return to your country and do us a favor, piece of shit, thats what you are, you cant stand the truth in your face, hide behind a computer and run to bubka, or better yet kill yourself if you are not happy with your life, you are a fake and frustrated dev taking your frustration on others, you could never release a functional map since you lack both quality and skill... a scared pussy starved for attention

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